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"Ghosts" in Voicemail Poems, Winter 2023

"Massaging the Site" in Sixth Finch, Fall 2022

Several poems in Pandemic of Perspectives: Creative Re-imaginings, Routledge, Fall 2022

"Regeneration" in FE, Fonograph Editions Print Mag, 2021

"Dirty Laundry,"in Plainsongs Summer, 2020

“Nothing Happens” adapted in performance by Rosalie Purvis, Cornell U., Dec. 2019

Three Poems: “Field & Stream," "Minutes,” “Playing Telephone,” Blunderbuss Magazine, June 2014

“Field & Stream,” Pretty Lit, Episode 6, August 2013

“Accidental Death #1, Pauline,” Subtropics, May 2008

“Accidental Death #2, Katie and Jessica,” Subtropics, May 2008


"Spoons," forthcoming in Boyfriend Village by Black Warrior Review, 2023

"White Lies," Hunger Mountain, Spring 2021

"The Seamstress Loves the Wolfboy," More Devotedly Podcast, 2020

Author Spotlight, HTMLGIANT, “The Postman’s Mother,” 2010

“The Day We See the Hummingbird Hawk Moth…” Spork Magazine, 2006

“The Taffy Maker Teaches a Class,” Spork Magazine, 2006


"The Ugly Sweater," The Gravity of the Thing, 2020

“Laborers, Tourists, Witnesses: The Sex Work Memoir,” Barn Owl Review, Winter 2009

Book reviews in Indiana Review 30.2, 29.2, 29.1, 27.2

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