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My poem "Nothing Happens" was adapted into a performance by my longtime artistic collaborator -- director, performer and Border Studies & Performance Studies Scholar, Rosalie Purvis.  The first section of Purvis's dance poem "Nothing Happens in Women's Literature" debuted at Cornell University in December 2019.

"Nothing Happens in Women's Literature," includes an audio-collage soundtrack (score) in collaboration with classical radio host and producer James David Jacobs (Washington DC) and members of the Chaepani Theater Collective (Kolkata, India).  The final piece will include collaborators from New York, Portland, D.C., and Kolkata, and will include a video performance aspect, engaging borders between live and video performance across physical distance.

The collaboration explores themes of loss/longing, grief/depression, the body/sensuality, and the ways, women in many cultural contexts often find ourselves in a state of “waiting."

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